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Shiatsu is a Japanese massage and has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
It uses kneading, pressing, tapping and stretching techniques. It is performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing.

The treatment releases tension from the muscles, allowing you to relax deeply and helps the process of healing.

Nijmegen Shiatsu massage therapy

I am an open-minded nutritionist that cares about your health, the way you look and feel and your well-being.
The food industry, society and our habits do not support healthy eating. This is true even when we get sick and our health depends on what we eat.
According to latest Lancet report:

Food is the single strongest lever to optimize human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.

Sustainable Food and diet advice Nijmegen

NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy are methods used to promote wellbeing and satisfaction. They can help cope with stress, pain, illness and challenges that arise by the demands of everyday life.

They work by inspiring and motivating you to learn, change and be more effective as you develop through life.

Hypnotherapy in Nijmegen in English

Omree Shuval

Omree is a therapist, a teacher and student

Omree is a professional Clinical dietitian (B.Sc.), Shiatsu therapist, Hypnotherapist (trainer) and NLP coach.
He has been working as a therapist since 2003 and as a teacher since 2006.

In addition to his private practice, he worked in multidisciplinary clinical settings and national healthcare clinics, including a clinic for the treatment of chronic pain, working together with doctors, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals.

He taught in an alternative college and in schools, to healthcare professionals and physician students. He gave workshops in the Netherlands Israel and Denmark.
He has a Masters degree in education and learning disabilities and has done research on the topic of brain and learning.

Currently he has started a new course of studies in Osteopathy in college Sutherland and he is interested in dreaming, Buddhism, martial arts and learning about the nature of the mind.

Shiatsu massage therapy, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching are now available  in my new clinic in Nijmegen.