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Nutrition, weight control, health and happiness.

Nutritional consultation

Time: 60 min
Price: € 60


Nutritional therapy is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance a balanced, healthy and healthy looking body, mind and well-being.

A session will include an intake aimed at understanding the situation and to check what your wishes and expectations are. Depending on the situation, a treatment may include simple nutritional and lifestyle advice and follow-up sessions. In case of motivational causes, more forms of therapy might be offered.

You might want to book a nutritional consultation for

  • Support for managing chronic conditions
  • Enhancing health and well being
  • Help in weight loss or weight control
  • Help in dealing with the emotional aspects of eating
  • Tailored coaching for adults, teenagers and children

I am  a member of the Dutch Association for Alternative Medicine (VBAG) and registered with the Complementary Healthcare Professionals Organisation (RBCZ and TCZ). I am registered as a oriental medicine therapist specialized in Shiatsu. Treatments are fully or partly covered by the supplementary packages depending on your personal healthcare insurance policy. To find out more, please contact your health insurance or look into your insurance policy.