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Nutrition, weight control, health and happiness.

Nutritional consultation

Time: 60 min
Price: € 60


Sustainable healthy food and diet advice Nijmegen

Evidence based nutrition

Today there is more research and nutritional interventions than ever before. The conventional conservative ideas of nutritional advice available have received many upgrades. The scope of professional advice has grown tremendously.

Nutrition Counseling for Going green

It’s official, the growing interest in plant based diets is here in the Netherlands! From flexitarian, through veterinarian to vegan. The benefits for health and sustainability are apparent when done correctly.

Food for the body

Nutrition can prevent and effectively treat conditions such as;

– cardiovascular disease

– diabetes mellitus

– cancer

– brain health

– Gastrointestinal

– neurology

– obesity.

Mind your food

Complementing Nutrition with other forms of therapy may offer the needed edge.

– Hypnosis for Weight Loss

– TCM and shiatsu for weight loss

Just as with cooking, a combination of ingredients is known to produce surprisingly delicious outcomes.

I am an open-minded nutritionist that cares about your health, the way you look and feel and your well-being.

I’m a registered dietitian, MA in ‘Brain and Learning’, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner, shiatsu therapist. Always learning. Driven to contribute by sharing my knowledge about food, behavior, body and mind.

I am  a member of the Dutch Association for Alternative Medicine (VBAG) and registered with the Complementary Healthcare Professionals Organisation (RBCZ and TCZ). I am registered as a oriental medicine therapist specialized in Shiatsu. Treatments are fully or partly covered by the supplementary packages depending on your personal healthcare insurance policy. To find out more, please contact your health insurance or look into your insurance policy.